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When it comes to history and culture, it is hard to beat the UK. Proud of our history, over the past 300 years or so, museums celebrating everything from the ancient world to modern art have sprung up all over Britain.


Regional delights


Let us start with London. If you love art, then you will be spoiled for choice with the National Gallery and National Portrait Gallery, which boast some of the finest artworks collected anywhere, from Renaissance painters such as Da Vinci, through to Pre-Raphaelites such as Rossetti and Holman Hunt, to modern portraits depicting Churchill and E. M. Forster.


Historical tastes are catered for admirably at the British Museum, famous for its Roman and Egyptian galleries, and the not-to-be-missed Sutton Hoo collection of Anglo Saxon artefacts. If you love nature, then you can head for the Natural History Museum to view our world in all its natural glory, while you can explore the scientific world at the Science Museum, maritime history at the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich, or fashion at the Victoria and Albert Museum. And the best thing about most of the museums in London? They are all free to enter.


Dare to venture out of the nation’s capital and you can still be delighted by the museums. In Bath, you can find out what it was like to live like a Roman at the stunning Roman Baths built over a natural hot spring. You can opt to go around the museum listening to an audio guide that provides plenty of information about the artefacts and rooms, or you can take a guided tour. Once you have finished your tour of the baths, you can enjoy a little shopping or a tea and cake break in the city.


Manchester, too, is a haven for museum buffs. If you are on a short visit, then you may only want to attend the biggest museums, such as the modern National Football Museum in the centre of Manchester. Only recently opened, it displays a huge collection of football memorabilia and provides a Discovery Zone for kids to dress up.

If trains are your thing, then head for the Bolton Steam Museum, where you can enjoy 25 restored steam engines and more. The city also offers many lesser-known museums that are well worth a visit when you have the time. These include the Clayton Hall Living History Museum, where you can experience life in Victorian times; the Gallery of Costume, where you can learn about clothing from the 17th century through to today; and the Greater Manchester Fire Service Museum, which offers you the chance to learn about the history of firefighting. If you are thinking of relocating to Manchester, then Harry Dhaliwal’s Belvoir Lettings can help you to find a suitable rental property. Be sure to check out Harry’s Facebook profile for more information.


Indulge your passion for history and culture by visiting some of the many museums that the UK has to offer. With many free to enter, you can gain insights into the bigger historical picture at the larger museums, or sharpen your focus on the details by visiting those smaller museums that are not on the normal holidaymaker’s to-do list.